Current climate and mining

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Current climate and mining Empty Current climate and mining

Post  Wilierd on Fri Jul 27, 2012 4:56 pm

Just a thought about the current situation in Verge Vendor:

As Mika was attacked while mining yesterday, and I vitnessed some bullying ("Give me 100m isk and you can mine in peace") in Scolluzer local, I started wondering about the reason for this sudden change. For all I know, these two situations were completely seperate, and the corps in question have nothing to do with eachother.

Verge Vendor has always been peaceful place to live, and I do believe I found the reason for these things to occur.
CCP blog - From what I've read, Hulk's EHP goes up from 8k to about 20-25k with not much shields on it. Meaning that downing Miners will take some real firepower from (dunno when) now on.

To me it seems logical that them 'pvp'ers try and have their one last fun / isk from killing / extorting miners.

I'm not saying don't mine. It's a very good income for the corp with our current set-up. What I'm saying is drop them Mining Laser upgrades (at least one) and fit Damage Controll and some EM shield thingies on the ship. That should raise the EHP to a decent level and net more stupid losses for the 'pvp'ers. Smile

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